Ignite Love

I hope everyone is staying healthy and positive! Since Ignite Love is delayed until July, I thought I would share a preview of my chapter. Enjoy and I look forward to sharing the book with you all soon. .
We can all use a little more LOVE in our life.
“I share my story from my heart to your heart. I hope that it Ignites you to unveil your beautiful self so you can create and attract love, freedom, purpose, and a soulful partnership”..
“After only a few dates, I felt butterflies in my heart. I was experiencing a new emotion in my life in a new way. Everything was just a little bit more sparkly and bright. I felt that he was the right person for me, and he thought I was right for him too. We moved quickly into marriage, the natural next step, as fairy tales go. For a while it was good, and then difficulties came, as they do in every relationship at some point or another. Neither of us had the tools, experience, or inner resources to navigate through turbulence. We were both so far from ready for marriage, having yet to work out our inner-child issues. We didn’t know how to communicate with each other. We didn’t know how to communicate with ourselves. We didn’t know how to be vulnerable. We chose each other, unconsciously, as mirrors for where we were at that point in our lives, attracting each other in order to work these issues out. It was as if we were in Love School and the lessons were being fed to us mercilessly within all of our discomfort and difficulty.”…….. – Julianne McGowan, Author in Ignite Love, Certified Life & Love Coach

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