Through her own love journey,

she endured divorce, dating again at 40, and the age of swiping to find her next date. What she gradually recognized and became the catalyst of her own transformation, and led to the process she now offers clients. Instead of immediately continuing to search for “the one”, she took some time to deconstruct herself, her past, why she was attracted to certain “types”, What had and hadn’t worked, and decided to try something different. She focused more on her own inner journey, on what unconscious Beliefs might be holding her back, and she sought to shift her focus (to open to different “types” of men), and to be more aware of how her own “patterns” were acting as obstacles to a healthy relationship.

Her process focuses

on helping people recognize their own relationship patterns, where these patterns come from, how these patterns may be holding them back, and how they can learn to understand and work with these patterns to find, and to maintain, a healthy, soulful relationship.

Julianne holds BA’s in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition, she is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Transformational Coaching Method, Mastery and Holistic MBA.