hi, I’m Julianne

Who do you see in your mirror?

The relationship we have with Ourselves, Reflects the relationship we have with our partner…

Are you ready to unlock the power within you and experience the love and fulfilling relationships you've always dreamed of?

It starts with you and only you.
In our work together, you will uncover the desires that stir your soul, identify the values and goals that are essential in a partnership, and eliminate any limiting beliefs that may be hindering your progress toward a healthy, meaningful, and sustainable relationship.
First, we will work on YOU so you are showing up as the confident, secure, loving person so that you attract the “right” partner. You are who you attract…..

“Claim your self-worth and align yourself with someone who is worthy of your love”

Julianne, a remarkable Life & Love Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Matchmaker, and Amazon International Best Selling Co-Author.
Her passion for self-development, combined with her expertise in psychology and sociology, sets her apart as an exceptional guide on your journey to love.
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How to connect with Julianne

One-on-one sessions via Zoom for your convenience allows working with clients all over the world.
All sessions are confidential and a safe space.

Individual sessions in person

(recommended only for return clients)

3-month program (recommended)

Dating advice (15 min – 1hr sessions)

Set up a free “Clarity Session” to gain insight into what you truly want to manifest.


Compassionate, intuitive, driven and genuinely passionate to make a positive change in the love lives of her clients, Julianne McGowan, a certified Life & Love Coach, specializes in single women and men wanting to attract true love and a soulful partnership.

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Are you ready to attract love?

Are you ready to put yourself out there to meet your future partner but have come across obstacles , blocks or fear that you will be single forever and all the nice guys are taken?

Appreciation and Love attracts more Appreciation and Love…

“Claim your self-worth and you will attract someone worthy of your love”… -Julianne McGowan, Life & Love Coach

Ignite Love

I hope everyone is staying healthy and positive! Since Ignite Love is delayed until July, I thought I would share a preview of my chapter.