Your Guide to Love and Transformation

Are you ready to unlock the power within you and experience the love and fulfilling relationships you’ve always dreamed of?
Meet Julianne, a remarkable Life & Love Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Matchmaker, and Amazon International Best Selling Co-Author.
Her passion for self-development, combined with her expertise in psychology and sociology, sets her apart as an exceptional guide on your journey to love.
Julianne’s path to coaching started with her successful dog grooming/boutique business. However, her thirst for knowledge and her yearning for a new career path led her to pursue coaching certification. For years, she immersed herself in various certifications, expanding her toolbox of transformational techniques and strategies.
It was through her own personal journey that Julianne discovered her true calling in the realm of dating and relationships. She began attracting her ideal clients, single men and women seeking authentic love and meaningful connections.
In November 2018, Julianne joined the esteemed Kelleher International, where she serves as a Matchmaker and Relationship/Dating Coach. Every day, she finds purpose and joy in making a profound difference in the lives of others.
In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Julianne took part in an extraordinary collaboration. She joined forces with 32 other authors to create “Ignite Love,” a powerful anthology sharing personal love stories and journeys. Through this transformative process, Julianne embarked on her own healing journey, delving into her upbringing and the challenges she faced in creating healthy relationships with men. Her story of growth, resilience, and eventual triumph resonated deeply with readers, inspiring them to explore their own paths to transformation.
Drawing upon her personal experiences and the tools that helped her manifest her own loving partnership, Julianne has crafted a coaching process that is both profound and effective. She combines her own wisdom with proven strategies to guide her clients towards self-discovery, empowered beliefs, and the manifestation of their deepest desires. Through her guidance, countless individuals have discovered the keys to attracting true love and building meaningful connections.
Are you ready to embark on your own journey of love and transformation? Julianne is here to support you every step of the way. With her compassionate guidance, unwavering dedication, and a process rooted in personal experience, she will empower you to create the love and relationships you deserve. It’s time to ignite your own love story and make your dreams a reality. Start your journey with Julianne today

Julianne’s Love Coaching Curriculum: Unleash Your Inner Power

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your love life from the inside out? Julianne’s approach to love coaching is rooted in self-discovery and empowerment. By better understanding yourself, you’re patterns, and your beliefs, you will lay the foundation for profound and meaningful relationships.
At the heart of Julianne’s coaching philosophy lies the understanding that the most significant relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. She guides you to cultivate kindness and self-love, igniting a powerful magnetism that draws you closer to your ideal partner—the one who resonates with your soul on a deep, emotional, and spiritual level. This approach is not just based on Julianne’s personal experience but is also scientifically confirmed.
Together, you and Julianne will embark on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. You will uncover the desires that stir your soul, identify the values and goals that are essential in a partnership, and eliminate any limiting beliefs that may be hindering your progress toward a healthy, meaningful, and sustainable relationship. With Julianne as your guide, you will unleash your true potential, deserving the love you have always dreamed of.
In Julianne’s coaching, she emphasizes the importance of selfacceptance and self-love. By embracing and cherishing yourself, you no longer seek validation or love to fill any voids within you. Instead, you radiate a profound self-respect that naturally attracts someone who genuinely loves and respects you. Love is a magnetic force that multiplies when nurtured. When you embody self-love and authenticity, you effortlessly draw more love into your life. Julianne’s coaching will empower you to create a ripple effect of love, transforming your relationships, and attracting the love you deserve.
Now is the time to invest in yourself and your love life. Julianne invites you to take this extraordinary step towards love and selfdiscovery. Together, you will unlock the doors to your heart, unleashing your inner power, and manifesting the love you’ve always desired. Embrace the journey and watch as love multiplies in ways you never thought possible. Your extraordinary love story begins now.

Compassionate, intuitive, driven and genuinely passionate to make a positive change in the love lives of her clients, Julianne McGowan, a certified Life & Love Coach, specializes in single women and men wanting to attract true love and a soulful partnership.

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