Coaching is not therapy. It is results driven. While we will visit your past and where your patterns and beliefs began, our goal is to identify your vision in Life, Love and Relationships. We will then uncover your Why? This is an important part of coaching to reveal your motivating factors, limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. At this point, you are READY to open yourself up to the many possibilities….One action step at a time….

Who is Life & Love Coaching for?

Do you ask yourself these questions or feel victim to single hood forever?

‘Why are you still single?” , Why do I continue to choose the wrong partner that does not work out?”, “I am always showing up to a party solo or the 3rd wheel”, “I am lonely on most Friday nights”, “I am afraid of rejection, therefore, I do not date”…

And, the list continues.

Don’t worry, Your are not alone! And, I have been there.

First, recognize that seeking a partner in this state is not going to set you up for success. I will support and empower you to change your state so you attract, rather than seek.

So let’s dig deep into what you want to consciously create and Why? So, you can attract true love and a soulful partner that is right for you.