You had a breakup, went through the required grieving process and are finally ready to move on.

Are you ready to attract love?

Are you ready to put yourself out there to meet your future partner but have come across obstacles , blocks or fear that you will be single forever and all the nice guys are taken?? I hear you. I have been there. Divorced at 37 in the times of swiping right to find your next […]

Appreciation and Love attracts more Appreciation and Love…

“Claim your self-worth and you will attract someone worthy of your love”… -Julianne McGowan, Life & Love Coach . In a time of uncertainty and chaos, you can always lean inward and declare what you want, what to change, what to let go of in order to make the space for what you want to […]

Ignite Love

I hope everyone is staying healthy and positive! Since Ignite Love is delayed until July, I thought I would share a preview of my chapter. Enjoy, and I look forward to sharing the book with you all soon. We can all use a little more LOVE in our life. “I share my story from my […]